about egg press

Since 1999, Egg Press has been creating original, inspiring, handcrafted letterpress greeting cards and lifestyle products that connect and enrich people’s lives. As one of the few pioneers driving the resurgence of letterpress printing as an art form, we’ve established our leadership position within the industry as well as within the hand craft movement. Through this process we have cultivated an incredible fan base – who we adore. At Egg Press we are constantly exploring and experimenting – designing what we love to communicate with greater expression through color, pattern, form and wit.


Tess Darrow started Egg Press in Portland, Oregon as an outlet to combine her passion for graphic design with her degree in textile design from the University of Washington, where she began letterpress printing. In 1999, she left her product and brand design career at Nike to devote herself fully to building Egg Press. Our name and reputation for innovative letterpress greeting card design quickly spread, drawing business, along with an enthusiastic clutch of similarly talented and passionate designers, printers, operations and business specialists who make Egg Press the fun and dynamic, creative force it is today.
In addition to our consumer products business, Egg Press works on specialized communications projects and custom printing for individuals and businesses -- from multi-national companies like Herman Miller, MoMA, Nike, Adidas, and Apple to local design-oriented companies like Ace Hotel and Schoolhouse Electric to boutique wedding designers. Egg Press' team is adept at maintaining our creative entrepreneurial spirit while understanding the product creation timelines of companies of all shapes and sizes.


Our products are sold at fine stationery boutiques, museum stores and design-oriented online retailers across the US and the four continents. We encourage you to visit these retailers and purchase our wares first and foremost from them – we realize there is no way to replace this tactile experience. Furthermore, we love our partners and have valued their support for all of our 15 years of design-making fun – they have been our backbone and their support is overwhelmingly appreciated.


In our manufacturing processes we consistently generate a minimal amount of waste, use as many locally resourced materials as possible and make sure that all our paper related products are responsibly chosen. It is personally important for everyone here at Egg Press that we make conscious efforts to participate in environmentally sound practices in our daily lives as well as at work. We continually strive to source eco-friendly materials and will continue to do so in hopes that they will eventually become the industry standard. The papers we use for our letterpress products are either entirely tree-free (100% cotton) or contain a minimum of 30% recycled content, as do our envelopes. We ship our cards in recycled content boxes, packed with 30% recycled content dunnage. We clean our presses with citrus-based cleaners and use rubber-based inks; slow drying inks that allow us to cut ink waste by well over 50% more than if we used soy based inks (far fewer press clean-ups, no wasted ink from the "drying out" process, etc.). Minimizing waste is as essential to our environmental care mission as is the kind of materials we choose for our products and their production. Furthermore, we donate scrap trim to local schools, have regular sample/"seconds" sales, make treats and recycle all unusable paper scrap.


At Egg Press, we try to source as many products and materials used in our operations from local Portland companies; likewise we focus most of our philanthropic donations to charities and groups that benefit the communities we live and work in. Our contributions are usually in the form of card donation packages for auctions and other fundraising activities, cards for event gift bags and pro-bono printing services. Our preferred focus of giving is towards educational and cultural organizations and causes, in addition to causes our staff have personal passions for. Local organizations we’ve given to in the past include Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), Montessori schools, Art Institute of Portland Fashion Show, Operation Hope, Lents Farmers Market, and the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. Some organizations we’ve given to outside our direct community are American Foundation for Equal Rights, Mercy Corps, GenArt and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.


While we are not hiring at this time, you are welcome to submit your inquiry or resume to information@eggpress.com.