Jun.14, 2011

Sometimes we think alike. Way alike. Or maybe it’s the collective consciousness, who knows. We often surprise ourselves with similar outfits or color themes in the studio – as if we’d called each other in advance (rewind to 7th grade) to go over the day’s theme. Here are a few fun examples. Do you have this phenomenon where you work?

Jun.14, 2011
Yoshii Towel, Crane+Wilton Soap

We were out and about the other day looking at Spring inspiration for new wedding designs (stay tuned!). We landed at Ink and Peat on N. Williams Ave. - a lovely store in our hometown of Portland, Or. In addition to getting excited about beautiful flowers, colors and patterns, we couldn’t resist bringing home this little duo – a sweet “just because” or hostess gift we thought. The washcloth (by Yoshii Towel) has a terry loop texture on one side and a smooth woven stripe on the other. We love the packaging on this organic soap from Crane+Wilton in Philadelphia.

Jun.7, 2011
New York, NSS

We're back – fresh from New York and the National Stationery Show.

The National Stationery Show is the one big trade show we attend each year, and as always, we had a blast. It’s great to connect in person with old friends and colleagues that we work with year ‘round. And it’s fun to introduce the world to our brand new designs. This year we unveiled our new collaboration with angela adams (yay!), and our Charm Cards– a series of letterpress cards with die-cut charms that can be made into paper jewelry.

We caught up with friends (Hammerpress, HelloLucky!, EIEIO, Jill Bliss, Old School Stationers, Yellow Owl, Enormous Champion, A. Favorite) and made some great new ones (Bison Bookbinding and Letterpress, Susy Jack, Chewing the Cud, Two Guitars, Knock Knock).

It was a whirlwind! We also enjoyed:
A Beatles cover band in the room next door at the Chelsea Hotel
Inspiration in SOHO: Purl Soho, Kiosk, MUJI
Great food: Co., Eataly, ‘wichcraft, La Esquina, Marlowe and Sons

Looking forward to next year already!

May.11, 2011
Buff Orpington chick

Happy Spring! In our world (in Portland, Oregon) things are in bloom, folks are beginning their summer gardens, and Tess, our resident chicken expert, has hatched a clutch of chicks (in an incubator, that is). It is amazing to think that the apple blossoms are really going to turn into apples, that in August we're really going to be eating juicy tomatoes from the little seedlings that we haven't even planted outside yet (because it's still a little too cold). Or that the chickens that we hatched from fertile eggs in February are really going to be laying eggs in July? Seriously? They were just eggs themselves!!

In this season of renewal, we think it’s a fitting time for our new website to launch. It is our baby and we are so proud to share it with you. We hope that this first blog entry, "planted" along with our new Egg Press web site, will grow into something lovely. A place where we share our inspiration and things from our daily lives with you.

We leave you with a photo by our dear friend Shelly Sjogren. Just a couple of days before this photo was taken, this little chick was squished inside an egg shell. Seriously.

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