Mar.29, 2012

Though there are many amazing plants in bloom, springtime in Portland can be soggy business. Around the studio this means lots and lots of hot beverages. Fortunately, in our Northwest Portland Neighborhood we have access to amazing artisan coffee and tea. We often start the morning with our friends at Risttretto Roasters who make the best coffee drinks around. Lucky for us they are right downstairs in the Schoolhouse Electric Factory building.

Mar.15, 2012
Inspiration, studio

Last week we were inspired by our co-worker Jayson's vintage wool sweater. Turns out it was made right here in Portland, Oregon at Dehen Knitting Company! When we investigated further we learned more about Dehen – an amazing company with a rich history of providing authentic knit goods, and we felt a kinship to their commitment to quality and craft.

From their site: Dehen persevered and continues to provide crafted product, still made in Portland, Oregon, often on machines that are older than the people that operate them.

Machines that are older than the people that operate them??! That sounds familiar!

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