Oct.24, 2013
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Our second trip to Tokyo was a blast! Our official mission was to exhibit at the Tokyo International Gift Show. We shared a booth with other Oregon based companies; one specializing in essential oils, the other in natural fragrant room sprays. Between the two we were smelling lovely all trip long! Our off-booth hours were spent exploring ramen joints in building basements, jogging around the Imperial Palace (where the Emperor actually lives!), walking around Ginza, gathering inspiration in Daikanyama shops, drinking Whiskey in Shimbashi and scouring the 100 yen stores for studio gifts. Not a moment was wasted and yet we barely scratched the surface! Sayonara for now, Tokyo. We hope to see you again next year.

Oct.16, 2013

This week we’re excited to introduce you to Aaron, an Egg Press veteran with mad skills in printing, teaching and design.
Have a peek at Aaron's personal work:

Name: Aaron Robert Miller
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
What do you do at Egg Press: letterpress printer, screen printer, and production design.
Favorite Egg Press card: currently #1238 “you’re a good catch” valentine


Do you or have you ever had a nickname?
Not so much, I had one really insane coworker years back call me Hank, as in Hank Aaron I assume. He would yell it a bit too loud every time I came in the room. Ugh.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Well, when I was young I thought I wanted to play basketball. But I am pretty sure the main reason was the uniforms. I had a Patrick Ewing jersey that I would wear when playing and I always wore at least one knee brace, even though I didn’t need to... I thought those knee braces were SO cool.

How do you imagine your old age?
I imagine it being very similar to now, but I hopefully I have a little more free time.

What’s your favorite place on earth?

Signature dish?
depends on who I’m cooking for.

Have you been told you look like someone famous?
There was a small window when people told me I looked like Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots. But it was when he was in Velvet Revolver and doing lots of drugs and yoga so I’m not sure if that’s anything to be proud of.

Favorite thing about Portland is…
There are many reasons to love Portland. But Id’ say my favorite thing is the people. Every time I travel, I realize just how nice and supportive people are here in Portland. I just feel really comfortable here, and it really comes down to the way people interact with each other.

Last good book you read…
I’ll Seize the Day Tomorrow by Jonathan Goldstein. Mostly about his struggles with turning 40, one of the funniest books I’ve ever read, cannot recommend it enough.

Few people know that you…
I am an excellent jumper.

Favorite color...
changes often, currently lighter blues.

Favorite thing to listen to when you’re working…
We listen to a pretty diverse mess of music here at Egg, I prefer music that cuts through the sound of the press, loud music that grabs ahold and makes you forget what you are doing momentarily. At home I usually listen to podcasts or comedy while working.

Favorite Halloween costume…
I few years back I played a Halloween show with my band and we decided to dress as the classic universal monsters… I went as The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I screen-printed and sewed the mask… epic costume and a really fun show!

What’s your home like?
it’s very new to us… we bought our first home seven months ago. It’s a great mid century house in a very pleasant neighborhood with a big yard for the dog. It’s been a learning process, and is going to take a few years to figure everything out. Lots of time working in the yard over the summer and now that the weather is changing we are spending more time inside using our fireplace, cooking, and working on various indoor projects.

What inspires you most?
People, art, nature, books, film... Inspiration comes from all around me for sure. I use my own life and the people around me for inspiration. Work, making music, spending time with friends and family grounds me and clears my mind for projects.

What kind of work routines do you have?
my work routine revolves around and includes my life. I have things I have to do everyday, printing at Egg Press, band practice, spending time with Cassie, walking the dog, cooking, eating, etc. And then there are things that get scheduled in, playing shows, camping, friends, family, etc. All of these things contribute to my overall work routine.

When I start a project I usually just wait for inspiration, I don’t like pushing towards a direction, I like to let it come to me. I make small moves with notes in a notebook or sketches on scraps of paper but the best work I have done just kind of happens when I least expect it. The key for me is to just keep moving and doing the things I love and it will happen.

How was your summer?
Portland summers are awesome… long days, great weather and everyone ready to tackle it as soon as the sun starts shining. I spent the summer getting to know our new home, and trying to complete as many projects as possible. I am also playing in two new bands, guitar and vocals in one and learning to play drums in the other.

One highlight of summer is always the Pendleton Rock Camp, and this year was no exception. This was my seventh year teaching at the camp and it was a truly excellent year. Through workshops, classes, demonstrations and our example, the kids learn all about music and playing in bands together. Along with teaching music-based classes, I taught a poster making class that produced some great designs, a band-naming workshop that including an adorably oblivious group of kids that named their band the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I designed the camp tee shirt this year! All and all a great camp and fantastic summer.

*to read more about Pendleton Rock Camp check out last year’s re-cap here

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