Pen Pal Giveaway Winner

Sep.4, 2013

When we hatched a plan to offer a Pen Pal themed giveaway with our friends at Hello!Lucky we had NO idea we would get SUCH a stellar response and especially that we would get so many incredibly thoughtful and inspiring entries.

Many of you told us touching stories about how much you missed the letters you received from grandparents growing up. The celebrity dream pen pals were a total hoot ranging from Mr. Rogers to Mother Theresa. And hats off to our Instagram friend Tome of Ink & Oak Calligraphy who was inspired to create the AMAZING envelope above for her dream pen pal J.D. Salinger, complete with stalk of rye and deer hunter hat--two references from Catcher in the Rye.

Without further ado, our 3 winners are announced below along with their entries. Thank you to everyone who entered--you have inspired us so much!


Grand Prize Winner Jaclyn:
My dream pen pal would be my Great-Great-Grandmother Angelina who immigrated to the U.S. from Italy. Never adopting the English language, I’d love to translate her italian handwriting to read her firsthand account of growing up in Italy in the late 1800s, moving her life to America, and raising 8 children in Delaware. I’ve heard only stories of the strong woman that she was, and her letters would be something I could pass on to keep those stories alive.

Thank you for such a neat, thought-provoking contest question!

2nd Prize Winner Angela:
Oh I love this! My dear friend and I have been consistent pen pals since 1997-ish. We even wrote letters when we lived in the same city (we haven't shared a zip code since 1999). The last two Decembers we have tried to make and mail a postcard a day to each other (Daily December). This year we are working on a postcard a week (52 for You).

Hmmm, but if I could be pen pals with anyone else...a buddhist monk, yes! Or a poet like Mary Oliver! Oooh,Beatrix Potter! Too hard to choose.

3rd Prize Winner Samantha from Instagram:
Sharing a photo of her correspondence-covered fridge said "Because I live far from friends and family sending letters is an important way for me to keep in touch. I post correspondence with pride."