WRITE_ON with Egg Press and Hello!Lucky

Mar.21, 2014

What does it feel like to receive a personal letter in the mail? The phrase "it made my day" most often comes to mind, and that's usually an understatement. You might have letters you've kept for years and at the very least you have lasting memories. A letter isn't just about the message--it's a gesture. A gesture of thoughtfulness and generousity that is seldom forgotten.

In an effort to connect more with our friends and loved ones and to create better letter writing habits Egg Press, along with our friends at Hello!Lucky, has decided to engage in a letter writing campaign called WRITE_ON for the month of April. We're each endeavoring to write 30 letters in 30 days. As it happens this project coincides with National Letter Writing Month. We hope to inspire others and get them to join us!

To that end we have created a special WRITE_ON Letter Writing Kit containing 2 Egg Press cards and 2 Hello!Lucky cards which we are giving out for free (supplies are limited and available within the US only). GET YOUR FREE KIT HERE>

Each card you receive will have a back-stamp with instructions for how the recipient can receive their own free kits. And on and on. We hope to see an ever-increasing web of connectedness and good feelings. We invite everyone to share their letter-writing adventures online (#WRITE_ON) and to follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we will be sharing letter writing ideas.

Thanks and WRITE_ON!
Love Egg Press & Hello!Lucky