Oct.16, 2012
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We've always been fond of old-school craft kits picked up at estate sales and unearthed in grandma's closet. And we've long been inspired by designers like Marilyn Neuhart, whose flat printed dolls are heros in the world of soft goods. As a labor of love, we started offering our screenprinted stitch kit animals in 2007. This year we added finger puppets to the mix. Now both are sold exclusively at one of our favorite go-to kid spots: the Land of Nod. Hoorah! We couldn't be prouder.

The official scoop:
Crafting fun from Egg Press and The Land of Nod!

We are excited to announce the release of four animal themed stitch kits designed and printed by Egg Press exclusively for The Land of Nod. Make a puppet for each finger with animals dressed up for the holidays on one hand and animals dressed for play on the other, or make a monkey and raccoon to curl up with.

Each kit includes screen printed canvas panels to cut out and create four animal finger puppets or one animal pillow. These are easy for people 6 years and older to put together, but the finished projects are fun for all ages. These Egg Press stitch kits are only available from our friends at The Land of Nod. Find more information on all four kits here.

Oct.11, 2012
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The Egg Press travels continue! Based on typical LA clichés, it's the last place you'd think to find Tom Sprenkle (Egg Press lead printer extraordinaire) who prefers walking to driving, the abstract over the obvious and wears a uniform of black most days. Once we heard how he spent his time, it all made a little more sense….

Portland was starting to feel like a bubble, so it seemed like a good time to go visit my sister Meg in Los Angeles, which is perhaps the Anti-Portland (or as close as one can get without leaving the country). Los Angeles is a huge and crazy sprawl of different and not always intersecting realities, offering a variety of new perspectives.

Each day we set out on a new adventure. For example we started Thursday by winding through the hills on Mullholland Drive and Sunset Boulevard, on to Malibu for fish tacos, a stop off at the pier and beach in Santa Monica and ending up at the Museum of Jurassic Technology, a disorienting and labyrinthine collection of seemingly random curiosities (a statue of Napoleon inside the eye of a needle; a map with lights showing the distribution of trailer parks in the world; a room dedicated to early 20th century neuropsychiatrist Geoffrey Sonnabend—who may or may not have existed—and his Theory of Forgetting. The place is hard to describe—you really must experience it yourself).

Other highlights include sneaking around in the partially (barely) renovated Alexandria Hotel and a visit to the Last Bookstore downtown; finding a row of small contemporary art galleries in what seems like a back alley in chinatown (with exhibits such as the Guns + Roses themed show at Coagula); a visit to the Watts Towers; the wonderfully freakish Venice Beach; watching pelicans fishing in the canal at Playa del Rey just after sunset, enjoying the slightly awkward way they would abruptly twist and dive into the water and then bob back up before taking off again, using their feet as paddles to help get going; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Griffith Observatory where after watching the sunset we saw a half dozen coyotes as we exited the park.

Oct.2, 2012
collaboration, studio

Some of our favorite things have come out of collaboration with our favorite people. This new embroidery kit is no exception! We worked closely with Purl Soho to develop this kit for the 'follow the recipe' types and the 'make it up as you along' embroiderers alike. Emily Baier, our in-house embroidery expert (and embroidery kit designer herself!) is ready to get started. We can see the wheels turning when she talks about it. What stitches and colors will she use? What form will the final piece take? We are on the edges of our seats. Stay tuned to find out!

The kit is available at as an entire kit or a packet of transfers.

Sep.26, 2012
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Kara Yanagawa, a designer and veteran here at the Egg Press studio has been on many adventures this summer. Here's the latest….

Each September Denali National Park hosts a four-day event called "Road Lottery." During these four days, winners of a lottery drawing are given a chance to purchase a single, day-long permit, allowing them to drive as much of the Denali Park Road as weather allows. At other times of the year when the park is open, the only way into the park is on a bus.

My family has made a new tradition of entering the lottery and have scored a permit two years and running. I joined them this year for a 4 day getaway including good eats, thrift shopping and two nights and a full day at Denali National Park. The weather on our permit day was the best you could ask for - clear and somewhat sunny. Never mind the constant wind and 45 degree temp - it wasn't raining (as it had the day before and the day after) and we were happy. We saw six large grizzly bears - mammas and cubs mostly, Dall sheep lounging in the sun and a flock of swans making their way south. The fall colors were amazing - a range of yellows to reds mixed with the deep greens of the pines and the minty green of the lichen. We made it out to Wonder Lake (mile 85) at the end of the road - and got a quick glimpse of the mountain herself at the end of the day when the clouds cleared and we got a peek at her peak (see main image).

Sep.10, 2012

Summer has flown by, and each and every Egg Press-er has a story to tell. Collectively we've been busy! Our first summer re-cap comes from Aaron Miller, one of our skilled printers who was a driving force behind our MLC class this Spring. Aaron is a talented guy with lots of knowledge to share. This summer, he traveled to Pendleton, Oregon again for his 6th year at Pendleton Rock Camp. In addition to mentoring bands, he taught classes on guitar, screen printing / poster making, and how to book a tour. Here's what he had to say about the camp experience this year:

Pendleton Rock Camp is the best week of the year, I get to travel to my honorary hometown and hang out with like minded Portland musicians and be inspired by kids half my age. This year was our biggest yet, 82 teenagers participated in the camp, all from Pendleton and the surrounding area. Teenage boys and girls fill the rooms with their instrument of choice. They learn how to write songs, play instruments, work with each other, and perform on stage. They learn about women in rock and roll, screen printing posters, promoting a band, booking a tour, and rock journalism. One of the major elements of the curriculum is that the students get to form their own band. They work all week in these bands, they write a song or two with the assistance of a counselor, they argue, goof off, drink weird energy drinks, all the while playing the same song over and over until it’s just right. At the end of the week the newly formed bands (21 this year!) perform on a stage in the middle of Main Street to a huge crowd of supporters. Every band despite lack of experience, musical ability, or dreaded stage fright, get up there and play the song they have been working so hard to write.

With a small group of amazing supporters and organizers in Pendleton and a dedicated band of musicians from Portland, year after year we are able to pull this off. But the underlying thread that makes this camp so special and inspirational is – these kids learn that there is a place for them in music. We don’t push any certain genre or style, we don’t tell the kids what to play or how to play it. We work with what they have and encourage them to keep working at it. Over the past six years I have watched these kids grow up and have formed long lasting relationships with them and their families. We have past students who’ve since moved to Portland, entered College, formed bands of their own, and they travel back to Pendleton for Rock Camp and are now counselors, teaching right along side with us. It’s an amazing experience and one that I am truly proud to be a part of.

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