Oct.26, 2011

We have been spiffing up our studio lately – nesting right on in. A coat of magnetic paint then chalkboard paint for one wall in the design office, some inspiration and items from home, and, lucky for us, flowers from Anna Mara! We have been working with Anna on her identity for the last few months, and are excited to see the project move towards its final stages. Coincidentally, the ink colors we are liking are in line with the arrangement she just made for us. Were we inspired by Anna, was she inspired by us - or is it the collective consciousness?

Oct.24, 2011

We’re anxiously awaiting the shipment of these plates to the West Elm store here in Northwest Portland. Rumor has it the shipment will be in near the end of the month. For the time being they can be ordered through the West Elm catalog and online at We are assured they will be in all stores by the end of October. And while we are on the subject of West Elm, you should know that we’ve recently been addicted to their blog, FRONT & MAIN. We specifically love the HOME RUN section, though we can also be found scrolling through the inspiration – such eye candy!

Oct.20, 2011

Friends! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month. There’s still time left to send a boob card to a friend or loved one! Recently Tess had the occasion to send her thoughts to two friends – one with breast cancer, another with a scary breast lump - but she couldn’t find the right card. The result is the newly released Good Luck with Your Boobs card, available here. 10% of sales of this card will be donated to cancer research. Because it’s important. As important as telling a loved one that you care.

Top ten occasions to send a Good Luck with Your Boobs card
1. breast cancer
2. suspicious breast lump
3. birth of a child / nursing mom
4. breast augmentation
5. breast reduction
6. pre-puberty
7. birthday / aging
8. wearing a strapless gown
9. running a marathon
10. European beach vacation

Learn more information about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month here.

Sep.29, 2011

Hi all. Sorry we’ve been out of touch. We have been busy since the Big Move. Our new space (within the new Schoolhouse Electric HQ in Portland, OR) is taking shape – trees are being planted, the Schoolhouse showroom is coming together and we are expecting delivery of our custom conference table (made by our friends at Fieldwork Design) next week!

As always we have been busy in the studio, and many members of our team have been flexing their creative muscle off hours as well...

Cassie and Aaron (skilled printers and creatives over here) are members of the band Deer or the Doe. Their summer has been full with recording an album, teaching kids at Pendleton Rock Camp and filming their first video. In addition, one of their songs was recently chosen for an Adidas spot - have a look, you’ll love it.
Here’s a preview of their upcoming DVD- we are on the edges of our seats for what's to come!

Another creative force in the studio, Sally Garrido-Spencer (who handles all of our custom work) was recently in a dance performance at Nationale here in Portland. Check out Nationale's blog for the scoop.

Jul.25, 2011
how tos

Recently we went to our local main Post Office to learn about hand canceling envelopes. The reason for the errand was to mail invitations for Kara’s Grandmother’s 100th birthday. We knew hand canceling was an option for wedding invitations, but we didn’t have much info beyond that, and couldn’t find anything on the USPS website. To our surprise we did not need an appointment and – bonus (!): they set us up so that we could hand cancel them ourselves. A lovely woman named Vi equipped us with a date stamp with a City of Roses motif, a stamp pad and a couple of hints for the actual stamping (upside down is easier!). We learned that there is no minimum quantity for hand canceling, and that there is no additional charge for the service.

The big benefit to hand canceling envelopes is the aesthetic: an old-school rubber stamped image that slightly overlaps your stamp – a visual indicator that the stamp has been used or canceled out and has no further value. In addition, the invitations don’t go through the automated cancellation process which can soil envelopes. If an envelope is bulky or irregular sometimes it will be hand-canceled by the postmaster so it won’t get hung up in the automated process.

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