Sep.29, 2011

Hi all. Sorry we’ve been out of touch. We have been busy since the Big Move. Our new space (within the new Schoolhouse Electric HQ in Portland, OR) is taking shape – trees are being planted, the Schoolhouse showroom is coming together and we are expecting delivery of our custom conference table (made by our friends at Fieldwork Design) next week!

As always we have been busy in the studio, and many members of our team have been flexing their creative muscle off hours as well...

Cassie and Aaron (skilled printers and creatives over here) are members of the band Deer or the Doe. Their summer has been full with recording an album, teaching kids at Pendleton Rock Camp and filming their first video. In addition, one of their songs was recently chosen for an Adidas spot - have a look, you’ll love it.
Here’s a preview of their upcoming DVD- we are on the edges of our seats for what's to come!

Another creative force in the studio, Sally Garrido-Spencer (who handles all of our custom work) was recently in a dance performance at Nationale here in Portland. Check out Nationale's blog for the scoop.

Jul.25, 2011
how tos

Recently we went to our local main Post Office to learn about hand canceling envelopes. The reason for the errand was to mail invitations for Kara’s Grandmother’s 100th birthday. We knew hand canceling was an option for wedding invitations, but we didn’t have much info beyond that, and couldn’t find anything on the USPS website. To our surprise we did not need an appointment and – bonus (!): they set us up so that we could hand cancel them ourselves. A lovely woman named Vi equipped us with a date stamp with a City of Roses motif, a stamp pad and a couple of hints for the actual stamping (upside down is easier!). We learned that there is no minimum quantity for hand canceling, and that there is no additional charge for the service.

The big benefit to hand canceling envelopes is the aesthetic: an old-school rubber stamped image that slightly overlaps your stamp – a visual indicator that the stamp has been used or canceled out and has no further value. In addition, the invitations don’t go through the automated cancellation process which can soil envelopes. If an envelope is bulky or irregular sometimes it will be hand-canceled by the postmaster so it won’t get hung up in the automated process.

Jul.13, 2011

The time has come – the Egg Press Studio is moving. We are very excited to settle in to a beautiful, new, and much larger space in Northwest Portland but are very sad to leave The Plant, the place we’ve called home for the past twelve years. We are packing up as we speak, and going down memory lane with each drawer we sort through. Wish us luck putting it all back together at the other end! We’ll be closed next week (July 18th – 22nd) but checking voicemail and email periodically, so feel free to be in touch. We’ll leave you with a few pictures from our new space. More to come once we are settled in!

Jul.5, 2011
flowers, studio
Anna Mara arrangement and Galette

Happy July! We had a fantastic weekend here in Portland – it hit a glorious 81 degrees yesterday (last year we tolerated a 66 degree day on the 4th). In addition to the fireworks, BBQs and pies, we celebrated the beginning of July with a rhubarb and strawberry galette from Tess's garden with help from the Baking with Julia Cookbook. To add to the summery flavor we received this cheery arrangement from Anna Mara Flowers (thanks Grace!).

Jun.27, 2011

Tess was featured in the June issue of MIX Magazine about ways to celebrate summer. As you may know Tess is the quintessential urban gardener with chickens, a rabbit, berry bushes, fruit trees and a huge garden in her small city yard - it’s quite amazing really. So naturally, one of her favorite things about summer is putting up food. She shared her “Chickie” Grandma’s pickle recipe with MIX and we have included it below. Read the story here, and if you make a batch yourself let us know how they taste!


Grape leaf and horseradish leaf were traditionally used to encourage pickles to stay crisp. But if you remove the blossom ends of the cucumbers (which has enzymes that make pickles go soft) you can skip the leaves.

Pickling cucumbers
3 to 4 garlic cloves
3 to 4 heads fresh dill
4 to 5 small red chili peppers
2 heaping tablespoons rock salt
1 cup distilled white vinegar
1 fresh grape leaf
1 fresh horseradish leaf
2 sprigs fresh parsley

Fill a 2-quart jar with pickling cucumbers. Add the remaining ingredients. Fill jar with boiling water to 1/4 inch from the top. Add lids and process in a water canner for 15 minutes. Let pickles sit for six months before opening for best flavor.

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