Nov.10, 2011

We always leave our hearts in San Francisco when we visit. Last time we were there we left our heart at Gravel and Gold on 21st street in the Mission. They have a fantastic mix of vintage finds, quality basic togs, home goods and accessories. It’s like a mini department store and country general store all in one. The girls at PlainMADE alerted us to this new print by Gravel and Gold last week – quite an amazing coincidence don’t you think? We adore it and would like to get our hands on some of them – come on, get your mind out of the gutter!

Nov.9, 2011

What a day! We walked in this morning to the launch of Schoolhouse Electric and Supply Co.’s new website plus a feature about it (along with our collaboration!) on Design Sponge. We’ll be honest, working with Schoolhouse is THE BEST – we have so much fun with their team and it’s very convenient to be in the same building. We are over-the-moon excited to see the products we worked on in the context of the entire line and continue to be amazed at their level of commitment to producing things in the USA. Some of our collaboration favorites are pictured above, and our shopping list of other favorites is below – call it our Christmas wish list if you will...

4 x City wall hook, grey (we already bought 4 yellow)
12 x Kaweco fountain pen (one for each of us in the studio)
Brahms Mount herringbone throw (we can share)
Adam Arnold denim apron (enough to go around)
Schoolhouse canvas organizer (large please!)
...and for the “lounge”...
Mullberry Tripod floor lamp
Beckman Sofa Slipcover - Belvedere Print
...and if Santa really can make miracles happen:
yardage of any Egg Press / Schoolhouse textile print

Nov.3, 2011

We’ve had a fantastic year with opportunities to work with great companies on products outside of our scope. It’s so rewarding! As of this week, the calendars and planners we designed with dated goods veterans Blue Sky are on the shelves at Target! We can’t wait to start plotting our vacations and setting appointments for 2012...

Oct.27, 2011

We had a wonderful visit with Carlie from last week, and were thrilled to wake up this morning to see her post on Egg Press. It’s magic to see our studio through her eyes and camera lens. If you get a chance to look at her blog be sure to browse the archives – it offers a glimpse at many creative studios in town including friends plainMADE and Hufnagel Cycles.

Thanks Carlie!

Oct.26, 2011

We have been spiffing up our studio lately – nesting right on in. A coat of magnetic paint then chalkboard paint for one wall in the design office, some inspiration and items from home, and, lucky for us, flowers from Anna Mara! We have been working with Anna on her identity for the last few months, and are excited to see the project move towards its final stages. Coincidentally, the ink colors we are liking are in line with the arrangement she just made for us. Were we inspired by Anna, was she inspired by us - or is it the collective consciousness?

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