Mar.29, 2012

Sometimes, we like to get out and see the rain from a different vantage. Today we took a trip to Steven Smith Teamakers– where the vibe is Zen and the tea is serious. They'd prefer you enjoy a cup of tea in their beautiful teahouse but you can take one to go if you have your own mug or cup. The spicy chai (No. 33) is our new favorite. We grabbed a bag of packaged tea to take with us back to the office and recommend you do the same!

Mar.15, 2012
Inspiration, studio

Last week we were inspired by our co-worker Jayson's vintage wool sweater. Turns out it was made right here in Portland, Oregon at Dehen Knitting Company! When we investigated further we learned more about Dehen – an amazing company with a rich history of providing authentic knit goods, and we felt a kinship to their commitment to quality and craft.

From their site: Dehen persevered and continues to provide crafted product, still made in Portland, Oregon, often on machines that are older than the people that operate them.

Machines that are older than the people that operate them??! That sounds familiar!

Feb.23, 2012
studio, video

This week Egg Press got a special delivery – a new Heidelberg press from Salem, Oregon. It will take a little time to get her up and running –some new parts here, a little oil there, and she'll be good to go. We are celebrating our new press and paying homage to our existing Heidelberg with a short film: Frau Heidelberg.

Jan.30, 2012

Happy Monday to you all. It is a VERY happy Monday at Egg Press HQ – the sun is shining, and our gluten free co-worker Lisa (manager of all custom jobs here at EP) made a batch of the most delicious gluten free vegan cookies to share with us all: the BabyCakes Thin Mint. As a result, the cookbook has been added to our wishlists (even the butter-lovers among us). Until cookbooks are in hand we'll reference the recipe on the Baby Cakes NYC blog.

We love you Lisa!

Jan.23, 2012

It’s baby season around here! Last month 3 ladies in our building were pregnant (Anna from Anna Mara Flowers, our own Rosa, and Michelle from Schoolhouse Electric). This month we welcome two new baby girls (congrats to Rosa and Anna and their families!), and we await the next arrival in February. Luckily, Tess has been on a sewing bender and a gifting roll! Here’s a peek at one of the gifts that went out this week. Tess used Lotta Jansdotter fabric, and found this modern rattle at Spielwerk Toys on North Williams Street in Portland.

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