Sep.30, 2014
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Love has really been in the air this Summer. Our third wedding feature is a double whammy of sorts in which two Eggpressers got married TO EACHOTHER. Aww...Our dear resident sweethearts Cassie and Aaron tied the knot in a very sweet, very them, wedding and party, followed by a great Hawaiian honeymoon. Read on for details...

Where/how did you get engaged?

For Thanksgiving last year, Aaron and I decided to rent a cabin, just the two of us, on Mt. Hood. We spent one of the days hiking around Trillium Lake which was totally frozen over and magical. We didn't realize that the park was closed and we were not supposed to be hiking there during the off season (which explains why we were pretty much the only people around). We stopped along the way to rest and after some time I asked Aaron if he was ready to continue the hike and he said "No..." and then dropped on one knee, fished a box from his jacket and proposed. It was a total, and very pleasant, surprise.

Can you tell us about your invites and anything about the design process?

We knew that we wanted to design the suite ourselves and involve a hand drawn element. After a couple months of back a forth and not feeling solid on what we were working on, I drew a tiny, rough sketch of some flowers on a piece of scrap paper. One night I came home to find that Aaron had scanned in the sketch, added type, and turned it into the invite. And with all the elements from earlier design ideas, we had plenty to pull from for signage throughout the event so all those rough drafts came into use.

Was there a theme to your wedding?

I guess I would say the theme was "personal" which seems obvious for a wedding but truly, almost every single element of the wedding had a hand-in from a good friend or family member and the love really showed. The decorations, music, drinks, flowers, photography and officiation were all done by friends. We have a talented group of people in our lives and we feel very lucky!

What was the location?

Our ceremony was held outdoors at the lovely Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and the reception was also outdoors at our home in southeast Portland. PDX represent!

And the bride wore?

I had been struggling to find a dress so my good friend Kara hooked me up with a brilliant designer and seamstress, Diane Brush, who custom made my dress. It's a two piece dress inspired by the Cortana wedding collection. The top is halter style with an open back and made out of a super soft linen. The skirt is lined with 4 layers of thin soft cotton and two layers of tulle. It also has pockets where I stored my handkerchief, vows, and my hands when there wasn't a frozen margarita in them. I wore Loeffler Randall, metallic gold, gladiator style sandals that have this really great scallop along the straps.

What was the most exciting part of the wedding?

That's a tough one but I think our favorite part of the wedding was the spontaneous basement reunion show our friends put on at the end of the evening. It made all that beer and red wine on the carpet totally worth it.

Sep.16, 2014

Egg Presser Rosa tied the knot this Summer and was sweet enough to share some photos and details about her big day including the custom fascinator she had made by a local milliner and her Egg Press wedding suite of invites which feature gold foil AND hand painted details. Man they are beautiful!

Where/how did you get engaged?
We got engaged on the highline in NYC.  I was in NY with Tess and Kara for the National Stationery Show in May of 2013 and Brett was there to build our booth.  He was there the week before we arrived, but we had a couple of days that overlapped.  We were strolling on the nearly deserted Highline and he told me he needed to get some chapstick out of my bag.  I told him I didn’t have any and he said he put some in there earlier, but really he had slipped the ring box in and had to fish it out.  He got down on one knee to dig through the bag and then proposed.  I had a feeling that he was going to propose in NY, but it was still a surprise.  It was very sweet.

Can you tell us about your invites and anything about the design process?
I wanted to incorporate one of my two favorite Egg Press patterns – the confetti from the New Year card or the pods from a congrats card.  I loved the first proof of the pod invitation, but it looked a little too much like a template.  Kara and Cassie had some great suggestions and we decided to use handwriting for our names and to incorporate another color by doing a watercolor wash behind the pod pattern.  Brett and I did the watercolor part together and it was really fun to experiment with different techniques.  It’s amazing how different each one is.

Is there a theme to your wedding?
No theme.  It’s going to be very casual, all about friends and food.  Our colors are magenta, indigo and gold.  It’s funny that we even have colors!

What is the location?
We are having the ceremony and reception at M.E.C - that’s Mediterranean Exploration Company, a new restaurant in the Pearl District.  Brett is helping to design the restaurant and it opens shortly before our wedding date, otherwise I don’t think we’d be lucky enough to use the venue.

And the bride wore?
A knee length, short sleeved silk pop over, floral printed satin pumps and a couture hat that I had made by Dayna Pinkham.  I couldn’t see myself in a long white dress so I’m really excited about the whole outfit, but the hat is especially exciting!  It’s inspired by my grandmother’s wedding hat and I got to pick through vintage silk flowers, tulle and ribbon to find the right pieces.  I bought the dress and shoes online so I didn’t do the traditional dress search with my mom, but she was involved in the hat making process and that made it even more special


What part of the wedding are you most excited about?
I don’t know!  The food will be amazing, and so will seeing so many people we love in one place.  There should be a pretty decent dance party, which is always my favorite part of a wedding.

Favorite wedding you've been a guest at?
Our friends Susanna and Will got married at a winery overlooking the Willamette valley a few summers ago.  The view was breathtaking – it had rained earlier in the day so there were some moody clouds and the light was incredible.  The décor was super simple – hydrangeas from the bride’s parents’ house and some candles.  The bride and I were roommates in college and are still really close, so I was pretty emotional. I’m not usually a crier but the tears started as we gathered for the ceremony.  After dinner a big group of us (including the bride’s parents and 3 year-old nephew) danced for hours. A good dance party is a must for a wedding!

What has been your greatest similarity to your spouse-to-be and what is the area where you are most opposed?
I’ve never fantasized about a huge wedding and since we have a two-year old daughter the thought of spending a lot of time and money on a very elaborate event was anxiety inducing.  I thought we should elope or head to the courthouse and have a small celebration.  Brett, on the other hand, had a long list of family friends that had to be at the wedding and he could not get behind anything too small.  I think our wedding is a nice compromise.

Who do you hope catches your bouquet?
That’s tough!  One of my best friends got engaged about 6 months before we did but they haven’t set a date yet; I’d love to put a little pressure on her to get things going J.  But then I have two dear friends (who are sisters!) with amazing boyfriends and I’d love it if either of them caught the bouquet.


Sep.3, 2014

To celebrate the launch of Social Preparedness Kit we're hosting a Pinterest contest! Enter our "Thoughtful as Hell" contest by creating your own "Thoughtful as Hell" board around the theme of letter writing and giving. Show us your favorite letter writing tools, dream desks, and inspiring letter writing images. Please include at least 5 images from the Social Preparedness Board and tag all your images #thoughtfulashell, #socialpreparednesskit, and #eggpress.

The contest runs September 3rd-17th and FIVE winning boards will be chosen with each winner receiving a $100 gift certificate to be used at

Aug.28, 2014

If you only pick up one set of cards this year (and we hope this isn't the case!), look no further - the Zodiac Card Assortment is here! The set contains one of each of the 12 zodiac signs, lovingly illustrated, foil stamped and letterpress printed. 

Each card has an upbeat sign-specific note on the back for a little somethin' extra. 

Aquarius: You're out of this world!

Libra: You're always on the level

Sagittarius: You have the gift of gab!

These babies can be used in any way you wish. Traditionalists may send them as birthday greetings (perhaps with a horoscope clipping from the newspaper inside?), whereas others may send them just because. Like: thinking of you , my Virgo pal – I've just had an uncharacteristically organizational moment and wish you were here to see it!


Aug.13, 2014

Social Preparedness Kit is here and we are proud to share it with you! SPK is a new line that we've been working on behind the scenes. It's a small, curated group of stationery staples designed to make it easier to incorporate letter writing into our daily habits.

The cornerstone of the collection is a series of card sets that sit in colorful, punchy trays so the cards may live on your desk and are always at hand. Other products include a letterpress printed weekly calendar to act as command central for your week and letter writing headquarters; a collection of multi-purpose tear-away notes; and sturdy, canvas card pouches and pen cases to keep your tools at the ready when you’re on the go.
Have a look at the entire collection here, and check out the SPK blog for letter writing inspirations, gift guides and product news.
If you headed to NY NOW this weekend, visit the Crow & Canary booth (7818) to see the collection in person.

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