Jun.27, 2014
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It's Weddingpalooza here at Egg Press this Summer. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR people here are getting married this Summer (and two of them are marrying each other!). So much love, so much fun!

They've all been gracious enough to share a bit about their weddings (and their letterpress invites) for a blog series. First up is printer Christa who will be getting married this weekend at The Sou'wester Lodge. Best wishes, mazel tov, and congratulations to Christa and Sam!


Where/how did you get engaged?

It happened in November, right after Sam finished up a two week tour with his band The Parson Red Heads. We had some friends who were getting married in the Oregon desert, so after they played their last show in San Francisco, they were going to drive up to the wedding and I was going to drive down with a friend from Portland and meet up with Sam there... or so I thought. What actually ended up happening was after the show in San Francisco, Sam spent the night in the airport, took an early flight to Portland the next day and surprised me on my front porch, all dressed up for the wedding!! I was totally surprised and elated to see him! and while the surprise was still fresh, he got down on one knee and proposed :)
So we started our engagement with a wedding, and we will end it with one!

What is the location?

We are getting married at the Sou'wester Lodge in Seaview, Washington. It is a historic lodge and campground right on the coast, and its totally vamped out in vintage decor and has about 15 airstream trailers of various sizes, all available for guests to stay in for the night. Its amazing! We fell in love with the Sou'wester the first time we stayed, and we are really excited to have our wedding there. It was important to us to have a place where friends and family could stay and enjoy a little vacation and relaxing weekend together. It's a taste of Portland in the coastal woods!



Is there a theme to your wedding?

We're just sticking with what's already going on at the Sou'wester-- lots of vintage. Quirky, colorful, fun. Nothing too stuffy. The Sou'wester just has an aesthetic that we really love and are excited about, so we are just adding and going along with their style.

And the bride wore?

Both chose vintage get-ups; Christa, a vintage dress from the 1960's, bought at a store in Portland called Xtabay. Sam, a suit from the 70's, bought from Avalon, another vintage suit shop in Portland.


Can you tell us about your invites and anything involved in the design process?

We wanted the invites to reflect where we were getting married and the general feel of the wedding-- colorful, nothing too formal, and fun. We chose a picnic blanket for the invite since our meal for the wedding is going to be a buffet of picnic-type food and barbecue. We just couldn't leave out the vintage airstream trailers, so we featured a drawing of one on the RSVP card. We loved how they turned out! Full of color and fun!


What part of the wedding are you most excited about?

Of course, getting married to my best friend is what I've been looking forward to the MOST! But getting to celebrate for a whole weekend in a beautiful place with all the people we love, that is a dream come true. We feel so lucky that we will have all our friends and family there with us on such an important day!

Favorite wedding you've been a guest at?

Actually, the wedding that we went to the day that we got engaged was a real inspiration to us when planning our own. Our friends got married in Madras, Oregon on a huge piece of land in the desert you had to drive out to on a dirt road. We actually saw a bald eagle on a fence post as we drove in! They got married right at sunset and then made a huge bonfire outside the barn that the reception was held in. Everyone there for the wedding brought tents and camped there that night, so no one was in a rush to leave or anything-- we all just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and celebrated their marriage all weekend. It was incredibly beautiful and so perfect!

Jun.13, 2014
Friends, Get to know, studio

Name…Carla Peters
What do you do at Egg Press...Customer service
Favorite Egg Press card…I love that proceeds from our three Best Couple cards will be donated to marriage equality agencies. So Happy Smiles is pretty dang cute, though.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? When I was really little, I thought the best gig in town had to be driving the ice cream truck. Runner up? Dentist.

Favorite color: Blue

Signature dish: Roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, onions and carrots.
Favorite artist/s:  Portlander Suzanne Elizabeth makes gorgeous paintings. She elevates ordinary scenes into sublime ones. I've also always loved paintings by Mary Cassatt. I think they're peaceful. There is an etching by Degas of Cassatt looking at Etruscan art and I like to think about that drawing. Art by an artist of an artist contemplating art.  

Favorite thing about Portland is: It is the biggest small town. Everybody knows everybody.
Last good book you read: Last good book? As opposed to favorite? I recently read Ties That Bind: Stories of Love and Gratitude From the First Ten Years of Story Corps by David Isay. People have a lot to say when given the right forum.

Few people know that you…: I came this close >< to being a game show contestant.

What’s your favorite place on earth?: I haven't seen enough of the earth to know that. But I do love redwood forests.

Favorite thing to listen to when you’re working:TED talks.

Favorite names: Being a mom means that I've been able to affix my favorite names to real people. Samuel and Nina are not getting any more siblings, but I think Zinnia would be lovely for their imaginary sister. Maybe one day I will name pets Cypress and Hemlock after the residence halls of my alma mater where I lived with my sweetheart.


Jun.5, 2014

We thought it would be fun to ask around Egg Press what people thank their Dads for, and thus, our Checkbox Dad card was born. The replies are both goofy and poignant and we hope will inspire you to pen your own “Thank you, Dad” message this Father’s Day. Read on for some of the stories behind the quotes…

**In honor of the special holiday we are offering 25% off your entire purchase when you use the code greatdad25 through June 12.

"Thanks for letting me have sips from your beer”.

When I was a kid I was curious about the "adult drinks" I wasn't allowed to have. My Dad was kind enough to let me have a sip of beer from time to time. I didn't like the taste then, but now that i'm an adult I kind of get what all the fuss was about. Thanks Dad!

“For mowing the lawn in your speedo.”

When my good friend's father passed away, she shared with me some of the memories she had of him. And amid the sadness, there was also laughter when she remembered that he would mow the lawn of their Arizona home in a Speedo. It was special to her that we were able to include it into our Father's Day card.

“For embarrassing me in the grocery store.”

The statement on the check box card I'm writing about is about my dad embarrassing me in grocery stores. When I was old enough to really be embarrassed by such things, my dad would put on his safety glasses from work and hold my hand in the grocery store and sing really loud.  At the time, I could only laugh and feel silly and self-conscious, but now I realize the deeper lessons to be learned from being part of such a thing.  I hope I can do the same for my kids.

“For not throwing me in the river when I got frustrated and threw my pole in.”

I grew up in Alaska. When I was little, my Dad would take me fishing and sometimes I didn't want to go. Or maybe I just didn't want to do what he wanted me to do just because he said so. One time he hooked a fish and handed me the pole, and for whatever reason, I wasn't having it. I threw the fishing pole into the river, leaving my Dad to scramble into the water to save it before it drifted away. I don't remember if he ended up catching the fish, but I know that he was mad. I have a feeling we both learned a lesson that day.

May.26, 2014

Our team has just returned from the National Stationery Show in NY and now we are very excited to begin unveiling our newest line of products! We have a whole new crop of cards featuring foil stamping and a series of bold cards with a full flood of ink that really stand out from other letterpress styles because of their richly color-filled background.
Coming to the site soon we also have new gift wrapping and a series of screen printed mask posters. Stay tuned!

May.20, 2014

We've participated in a lot of fun shopping events over the years but the Coral & Tusk and Friends Pop Up Shop that we are participating in now is really something special. Coral & Tusk out of NY sells all manner of whimsically embroidered goods with a totally unique look and they have invited a bunch of kindred "friends" to sell in a Spring shop for the month. They've really taken curation to a whole new level and created a world unto itself. We are so proud to be among some of our favorite stores and makers such as DS & Durga, Catbird, In God We Trust, John Robshaw, and The Great Lakes Goods.

Stephanie of Coral & Tusk was gracious enough to take time out of her busy month of hosting to tell us more...

109 South 5th Street
1st floor
Brooklyn, NY

May 3rd-31st
Hours: W, Th, Fr: 11am-7pm
Sat, Sun: 11am-8pm
M, T: closed – by appointment only


What gave you the idea for the Pop Up and how did you go about selecting  the "friends" to be included?

We see the shop as an opportunity and space to share our point of view about the intentions behind creating our collections: from vignettes to experiences. The other aspect of the pop up is curating a very special selection of goods from some of our favorite designers that we see our products teaming wonderfully with! We carefully selected product from "friends" that we felt were a really strong compliment to our things, and to one another. One of my mottos for the year (well, life as a whole really!) is that a rising tide lifts all boats. The products made by these other designers that we really cherish are so well done as individual pieces which feeds onto another one of our own philosophies, which is that even if you walk out of the shop with one item, any single item, it is a stand alone object that you will be happy with for a long time, and does not require the context of everything else to make it feel special or make sense.

Can you tell us a little about the amazing canoe and tipi?

For the more magical and experiential perspective, we are creating several custom pieces and environments for the shop!

-A full scale embellished tipi (inside and out), so it feels like you are actually going into one of our pocket pillows yourself!

We used our favorite Fox Tipi Pocket Pillow from our collection as the guiding light in terms of feeling and design. Alija Craycroft, our Studio Director and very talented illustrator, mapped the entire pattern out, hand painted the design, appliqued embroidered pieces to it, then hand embroidered special designs around the entry way. I designed an embroidered fabric to line the inside as a "wallpaper" to really give it a feeling once inside. There is a lush aplaca rug to sit/lay on, and our large 30" square cushions around the edges to get really cozy.

-A large adorned fabric canoe-- check out this short video documenting it:

Cindy who works with  us made this from scratch-- we still have no idea how she did it, but it is exceptionally impressive!

Here is a video of the shop being put together made by our own very talented Maya Tippett:
(canoe video also by Maya--- a tipi one is in the works!)

Any more special events happening for the last week?

Absolutely! on the last day we will be open, there will be a Pamela Love Trunk show (May 31). Additionally, Auchentoshan whisky has provided complimentary whisky for the popup for the duration of the shop. On the 31st, they are going to conduct a tasting which we are looking forward to!

My guess is that there also may be some deals to be had since everything in the shop IS for sale after all!

Anything else you'd like us to mention?

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved: my own Coral & Tusk team, each with their own stand out strengths- they are all right there working really hard with this extra project and I could not be happier with them. Amy Lipkin of North Sea Air who partners and consults with me on all kinds of projects and development, and is a space wizard. Rose of The Great Lakes Goods who is someone who makes you feel like anything is possible because she is a phenomenal friend and support---- and has really direct no nonsense solutions to what seem like unconquerable issues such as: have a weird large shape in the room.... "cover it with moss!"...and last but not least, each and every designer whom SO graciously accepted my crazy question of being willing to be involved with the shop and entrusting us to sell their amazing things!!!!!!

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