Nov.18, 2013
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Happy Monday! We continue our get-to–know Egg Press series today by showcasing another talented printer, Christa Hand! Christa has been part of the Egg Press crew for the last 2+ years, and is a force in the printroom printing much of our custom work --weddings, business collateral and special projects. As is the case with many Egg Pressers, Christa has her own creative pursuits, designing and making work outside of our studio. Though she doesn't have a website at present, we've included a detail of one of her screen printed posters below.

Name: Christa Hand
Hometown: Lake Arrowhead, California
What you do at Egg Press: Letterpress Printer
Favorite Egg Press Card: There's a New Year's card from a while back I really love: 2829

*What did you want to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be an explorer. I lived in the mountains and used to roam the woods my whole childhood. I just liked the idea of being the one to discover new places no one had ever been.

*How do you imagine your old age?
I imagine telling lots of stories, surrounding myself with the people I love, and hopefully still spending time creating in whatever way that I can.

*Signature dish?
Chocolate chip cookies. Not a dish, but should be.

*Favorite thing about Portland is...
I love the encouragement and the freedom there seems to be here to go after whatever you love to do. There is so much youthful energy and passion and idealism in Portland that is truly inspiring to me. There is a real community feeling here, even though Portland is still a fairly large city. There isn't that cutthroat edge to people that you can get in other bigger cities. I think Portlanders are generally incredibly supportive and friendly.

*Last good book you read...
"Here, There and Everywhere" written by Geoff Emerick who was the engineer that recorded almost every Beatles record. I usually don't go for non-fiction reads, but this was so well written and really fascinating.

*Favorite color?
Probably sea foam green at the moment. Or maybe a rusty orange.

*Favorite item of clothing?
I love coats.

*What's your home like?
Crazy. I live with three other people in a house on one of the main streets in Portland, so there's always something going on. People having parties, cooking, baking, singing, dancing, talking or just hanging out. Luckily we all get along really well, so its actually a great situation, and its just a fun time of life to live in a big community of friends.

*What inspires you most?
People, music, art, nature... When you see or hear something that you can get completely lost in.

*Favorite holiday?
I'm a total sucker for Christmas. I love it.

*Best gift you ever received?
My dad's record collection.

Nov.13, 2013

This past weekend, we were honored to co-host Schoolhouse School with our friends at Schoolhouse Electric Co. Schoolhouse School was a day-long series of workshops centered around the idea of holiday entertaining, highlighting the talents of folks in our building on NW Nicolai as well as other favorites from around town (and one from Oakland!). Students spent time learning Calligraphy with Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls (of Oakland, CA), flower arranging with Anna Mara Flowers, and table styling with Commonwealth Vintage Rentals. It was wonderful to be involved and to see how a little bit of instruction empowered students to create the most beautiful arrangements and their own styles of hand lettering. We were very inspired by this day and in are in awe of you all!

Big thanks to:
Ristretto Roasters
Quin Candy
Bird is the Word Catering
Merit Badge
Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls
Anna, Lacey, Maggie, and Heather from Anna Mara Flowers
Liz and Rachel from Commonwealth Vintage Rentals
All the fine folks from Schoolhouse Electric
And especially Kirsten, Caitlin and Sarah from Schoolhouse Electric
…you all helped to make this day magical.

Nov.13, 2013
Nov.13, 2013
Nov.13, 2013
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