Spring Sprang

May.11, 2011
categories: chickens
Buff Orpington chick

Happy Spring! In our world (in Portland, Oregon) things are in bloom, folks are beginning their summer gardens, and Tess, our resident chicken expert, has hatched a clutch of chicks (in an incubator, that is). It is amazing to think that the apple blossoms are really going to turn into apples, that in August we're really going to be eating juicy tomatoes from the little seedlings that we haven't even planted outside yet (because it's still a little too cold). Or that the chickens that we hatched from fertile eggs in February are really going to be laying eggs in July? Seriously? They were just eggs themselves!!

In this season of renewal, we think it’s a fitting time for our new website to launch. It is our baby and we are so proud to share it with you. We hope that this first blog entry, "planted" along with our new Egg Press web site, will grow into something lovely. A place where we share our inspiration and things from our daily lives with you.

We leave you with a photo by our dear friend Shelly Sjogren. Just a couple of days before this photo was taken, this little chick was squished inside an egg shell. Seriously.

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