Baby Aster's new Sweater

Nov.7, 2012

Have we mentioned our talented staff? Turns out that Emily and Tess have knitting in common and both have mad skills at the craft. Earlier this year they teamed up to make something very special for baby Aster. They took on a colorwork pattern (skill level: advanced!!!) and each committed to a section of the sweater. The finished product was presented this week to much fanfare. Here's what Aster & Rosa + team Knit had to say…

Rosa: I think it’s the most adorable thing in her closet and so special because it was made just for Aster by her friends at Egg Press. I love the tiny heart pattern because it’s just a little bit sweet and it adds variety to her wardrobe of stripes and solids. Aster says “uh oh oh” because that’s what she says, but I think that means she loves it!

Emily: The pattern is adapted from Sally (All those knitters out there can see it on Ravelry here). The pattern is for a baby cardigan, but we adapted it into a vest to make it quicker to knit – also vests are so versatile! We each knitted one side of it, and then Tess seamed it and added buttons to the shoulder to make it easier to put it on and take it off. The knitting did take us quite awhile, so we were both happy we decided to knit it in a 1 year old size! The yarn was Cascade Heritage sock yarn (made in the pacific northwest!). We chose a sock yarn because it is superwash – meaning that Mama can throw it in the washer and doesn’t need to worry about it shrinking.

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