Welcome to eggpress.com! So happy to have you visit our site. After viewing our Shop section, if you find yourself interested in carrying or representing our line, then we invite you to apply to become either an Egg Press retailer or one of our family of representatives and receive access to the Wholesale version of our site where you can view our online catalog of products and begin placing your orders.


To become a retailer of ours, please follow these two easy steps : 1) Check out our Where to Buy section and confirm that there are no other stores in close proximity to your location, as we like to be sensitive to the “territories” of our boutique retailers. Then 2) fill out our New Retailer Application and click the submit button. Once we receive the application we will email you your own unique username and password so that you can visit our Wholesale site via “my account” (found on upper right hand side of our homepage). From here you will be able to see all our products, their wholesale prices, our policies, and place your orders! Benefits to ordering Egg Press online:

  • Quick viewing-access to every product in our line
  • Real-time information with regard to prices and policy changes
  • An easy way to confirm that what you want is still available
  • Expedited order processing
  • Take advantage of online-only discounts and specials (to thank you for using our online catalog and ordering system)
  • The ability to see our sale/discontinued items that we don’t advertise elsewhere


To become a representative of ours and access our Wholesale site, please submit a New Rep Application either via email to information@eggpress.com, or fax to 503.234.4256. We will contact you shortly and begin discussing our commission rates, product samples, etc. Once we’re all on board for you to become an Egg Press rep, we will issue you a username and password so that you may enter the Wholesale site.